Our Story



My name is Joleen and I’m the founder of Shantihi.

I’ve been a yoga practitioner and teacher for many years and throughout those years, I have personally felt the benefits of yoga and seen how yoga can change people’s lives by creating a sense of balance and peace, especially for women who are going through traumatic events or difficult challenges.

Shantihi means peace in Sanskrit and I created Shantihi because I wanted a brand that reconnects us back to our hearts, and not just a trendy fashion statement.

When I practice with any Shantihi product, I draw on the strength and peace that the brand embodies, empowering me to deal with challenging situations, be it physical or emotional.  

Above all else, my ultimate mission is to empower people, particularly women, to find strength and heal through the practice of yoga.

I would love for you to be a part of this movement so join me and the Shantihi community on a yoga journey of healing and empowerment today!

Here's to Finding Peace Within.


Yoga Teacher Trainings

I also organise Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Trainings in beautiful and exotic locations such as New Zealand, Bali and Tahiti.

Visit Asia Pacific Yoga for more information.