The 8 Limbs Of Ashtanga Yoga - #2 NIYAMA

NIYAMA Ashtanga 8 limbs yoga

The 2nd of our Ashtanga 8 Limbs of Yoga is NIYAMA, which usually refers to duties directed towards ourselves, but can also be considered with our actions towards the outside world. Niyamas are traditionally practiced by those who wish to travel further along the Yogic path, and are intended to build character.

There are 5 Niyamas :
- saucha (cleanliness)
- santosha (contentment)
- tapas (discipline or burning desire or conversely, burning of desire)
- svadhyaya (self-study or self-reflection) and study of spiritual texts) and
- isvarapranidaha (surrender to a higher power)

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