Breaking Down Warrior 1

We break down Warrior I into simple step by step instructions so you know what you are doing on the mat.

Let’s take a look at Warrior I or it’s Sanskrit name Virabhadrasana.

Warrior I is a standing yoga pose named after a mythologcal Hindu warrior Virabhadra, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. What we want to portray is our spiritual warrior – strong, grounded and powerful – ready to take on any challenges with focus and determination.

Coming into Warrior I

  1. Start in Tadasana or Mountain pose with the feet together in front of your mat

  2. Place your hands on your hips

  3. Step your left feet back about 4 to 5 feet

  4. Keep your right foot pointed to the front of your mat

  5. Pivot your left foot to a 45 degree angle, heels on the floor

  6. Press down into the outer edge of your back foot and lift your knee cap to straighten the back leg

  7. Keep you hips square to the front of the mat as you bend your front knee, aiming for a 90 degree bend

  8. Make sure your front knee is above your front ankle to protect your knee

  9. Lift through the arches of your feet and move your front knee out towards your front baby toes to open your hips further

  10. Once you’ve set your foundation, keep your hips square as you raise both your arms above your head, keeping them active, either parallel or pressing palms together

  11. Lengthen your lower back and through the sides of your waist

  12. Gently gaze upwards at your thumbs, making sure your shoulders are relaxed and not bunched up against your ears

  13. Stay in the pose for 5 long breaths

  14. To release the pose, press your weight through your back heel and straighten your front leg. Lower your arms. Step your feet together into mountain pose.

  15. Do the other side by stepping the right leg back and repeating the steps

Warrior I stretches the front and sides of the body and also gives a deep stretch to your hip flexors. This powerful standing pose develops strength in the thighs, ankles and back.

Warrior I creates strength in all areas of life. It can be a powerful way to build focus, balance and concentration. Practising Warrior I daily can help you face the challenges of life with confidence and control.  


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